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The referral program that's worth gold.

Share with your friends and family the best experience in buying,  storing, and reselling physical precious metals online.

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We give you 20% of our margin for each order made from every account created with your link!


83% of investors are considering investing in gold, whether they already own some or not, according to a global survey by the World Gold Council.

How does it work?

Once your GOLD AVENUE account is created, activate your referral link on your Referral Program page.

Tell your friends and family to use your link to open their own account.

You will receive 20% of GOLD AVENUE's margin on each of their purchases for 3 years!

The money will be deposited 30 days after your referral's purchase, directly into your GOLD AVENUE Pay account.

Talking about GOLD AVENUE 

A simple and accessible online platform for investors looking to buy, store, and sell physical gold and precious metals.

A unique and secure storage solution that includes free storage, insurance, and instant resale with 0% commission on all products stored with us.

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